Sunday, November 23, 2008


We jus wanna apologize for the lack of posts, but we promise that there will be a major turn-a-round that will come into play immediately....JUST STAY POSTED

1 reason we aint been posted is cuz we like almost caught on FIRE

so it was a wednesday night and when had jus got back from going to buy Madden 09(anybody wanna see us we can play) so we sittin there settin the 360 up to play and im sittin next to a outlet and i hear something poppin and I look at it and its turnin blue and still poppin. We call the "Emergency Maintence" number and it goes straight to voicemail, we call and leave 4 messages but nobody calls back or comes. So Greg calls 911 tells the lady the problem and she says she going to send out a truck but he tells her not to send 1 of the big firetrucks. 5 minutes later we hear the sirens and we see the lights....sidenote our boy Kelly jus took some Nyquil so he is knocked out and doesnt wake up when we tell him the firetruck is here...I go let them in and they think we just playin until 1 of em see the outlet spark he start talkin on his walkie talkie and kelly hears that jumps up shocked like omg its a while the firefighters in there with the outlet we was doing this

so the firefighter tells us not to cut on any power or he GUARANTEES that there WILL be a FIRE...yup umm hmm a thats what happened

*we sat there and listened to it pop and watched it turn blue for about 25 mins*

Monday, November 3, 2008