Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Week from WorldStarHipHop

Waka Flocka Flames talks about how his name came about, when a girl cheated on him, and dictionary rap. 

Some genius took the Pocahontas trailer & Avatar trailer and mashed them up to create a work of art. 

Saturday Night Live did a skit on the *cough cough* bullsh!t that was We are the World 2. 

The urban CNN....I think so. 


Revive -- Team Revive

"The 3 logos that represent REVIVE is now featured on t-shirts in collaboration with Michigan’s very own T-Way. Our 3 logos consist of the Team logo, R-Crown, and the original Dotted logo. As you know we released our Team New Era caps awhile back, some of these t-shirts go perfect with the cap. Some of the featured colors are yellow, black, white, blue, sky blue, and more. Pictures are featured below the post. Check out T-Way’s website for more custom features! Be sure to stop by REVIVE to pick these up! And a quick reminder, we will be having an in-store with Chip Tha Ripper tomorrow (2/27/10) from 2pm-4pm." - ReviveMi
Make sure you go to to check out the assortment of colors of all 3 designs. 
A MUST cop!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Next Reggie Bush

He only 11 and white. Watch him Shake & Bake!


Can I at least get 1 of Russel's Nieces?

JUST 1. 


Hispano Suiza

"If you've never heard of Hispano Suiza, you're not alone. The Spanish automaker hasn't been producing its own vehicles since World War II and later returned to its aerospace roots in the 1950s, merged with another firm in 2005 and had a few prototypes running around a few years back (the oft forgotten Mazels). But that's the past and this is apparently the automaker's future: A rebodied Audi R8 V10 packing a supercharger and the possibility of a hybrid system."

"According to AutoBild, the Hispano Suiza's return will take place at next week's Geneva Motor Show, with the introduction of this €700,000 coupe. As you'd expect from a hastily resurrected marque, the details are as shady as the renderings in the gallery below, with Hispano Suiza claiming that the 750-horsepower R8-based show car is good for a run to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds (grip is obviously an issue) and a top speed of 205 mph. There's also a talk of an additional 150 hp from a hybrid drive system, with the ability to travel on electricity along for an unspecified range. Skeptical? Of course, but we're looking forward to seeing it in person in less than a week." - AutoBlog

€700,000 = $953,238.70

This one could CHANGE the game. 

That's all I gotta say. 


Picture Friday


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chip The Ripper -- My Life is Like a Movie & Revive In-Store

Click on flyers to enlarge. 
Never Come Close To (click for more details)
My Life is Like a Movie (click for more details)


Dux Jones -- Posterize

The Skouts produced the track Posterize which inspired
Dux to create a freestyle about the "war" between who he is becoming vs. who he was. 

Turn your speakers up. Thank you. 
     Posterized -- Dux Jones  by  wewinnin!
Make sure you check out for more tracks & info. 
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ALSO: Dux Jones will be doing a Live interview on Channel 95.5 on March 16 @ 8pm with Buda
Make sure you tune in!!!


Harriet the Rapper???

Michelle Trachtenberg from Harriet the Spy spittin Nicki verse from Shakin it for daddy and its kind sexy if i do say so myself


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Packaging for Legal Marijuana

Print Magazine came up with a few designs and concepts to show us what the packaging for marijuana would look like IF it was sold in stores.

If...If...marijuana was actually sold in many of yall retailers would carry it??? 
*cough cough* 


Durex Sexy Campaign

The people over at Durex keep us safe/protected & lol-ing with their new campaign.
Campaign created by Andrej Krahne.

2 thumbs up.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Out for Just Thursdays

18 & up. 
Doors open @ 9
Show starts @ 10
$5 Cover

Performances By:
(click on artist to find out more info) 
Phresh Heir 
Street Justice
& More

Directions to the spot---> Bullfrog Bar & Grill 


Revive -- Air Jordan 25th Anniversary & Spizike Black/Varsity Red-Cement Grey

"Just when you thought the mayhem was all over, its not. More unreleased shoes have the hit the shelves at REVIVE. This time we present to you some of the 25th Anniversary Jordan All White release. This includes the 2, 3, 4, and 11. The all white theme is presented on each sneaker to commemorate 25 years of great basketball sneakers by Michael Jordan. The entire theme will consist of all Jordans from I-XX3. Who knows, maybe we’ll get them all in eventually! Full size runs are available. Oh yeah and its only available to VIP members only so if your not in the club, join! Enjoy the pictures!" - ReviveMi
"We have a full size run if you missed out. Be sure to stop by REVIVE to pick a pair or 2 up." -ReviveMi
Make sure you check out for more info & pics & all that good ish. 


Monday, February 22, 2010

Mercedes Benz F800 (concept)

It's just a concept, but it is still a Benz. #headnod to Benz
I do wonder what it is going to replace(maybe CLS), because I doubt that Mercedes is going to add another model to its line-up. 
It's sexy tho.
(via autoblog)
Click Read More below to see a few videos which give a 3D view of the interior & exterior. 


EMLE -- John Dope vs. Kid Sticky

"EMLE artists Em-J & Myke Wright team up to bring you the comic, John Dope versus Kid Sticky. This trippy illustrated series is based around the misadventures of the two main characters John Dope & Kid Sticky. This issue, the Character Growing Painsissue, was created to introduce Em-J & Myke Wright's style of illustration as well as to introduce the characters John Dope & Kid Sticky." - EMLE

Check Random Abstract 87 (click) to experience more Epicness. You won't regret it. 


Young Detroit Entertainment Network Conference

The flyer says it all. 

AssTon Kusher -- BURRN OONNNEEE & Free Throws (snatch remix)

@AssTon Kusher recently dropped 2 new tracks.
-The first track BURRN OONNNEEE uses The Notorious ones track What's Beef, but the only beef we got is with a lighter that don't work. 
-The second track is a remix of The Cool Kids Free Throws jam. 

Now yall can press play. 



Big Sean XXL Freshman


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AssTon Kusher x Apeezie -- Someguysarequeenbitches

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Rai Knight ft. Oseeola -- Mr. Postman

"In our lives, there are times, where what we want to say are just hard to say. Mostly, we find those times when we are deeply in love and fear that are sentiments are not shared, sometimes it is much easier to put it on paper! Soldiers overseas, their spouses, in many cases, can only communicate via letter and with love there are never enough words to say how you truly feel, but to say something better than saying nothing.

In “Mr. Postman” Rai Knight and Oseeola take the opportunity to thank whatever medium which allows itself to be the carrier of “I Love You”; Facebook, Twitter, or mail. The story is simple, sometimes we just all need to know how much we are cared for. Simply, just say it!!" 
Check out to download the track. 


Monday, February 15, 2010


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Travon -- She Can Get It.

One of the reasons Michigan is Winnin!
The R&B scene in Detroit is trying to become legendary.
TraVon. Check out his new single "She Can Get it"
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