Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vinyl -- Cheech & Chong "Los Cochinos"

So in short, my dad has a large collection of Vinyl albums from "back in the day". Ever since I could remember he's told me to be careful with them because of how near & dear they are to his heart. 
Well I was careful...but only because the collection contained TIMELESS music & TIMELESS artwork.
With that being said, I'm also a very nice guy. 
So with that being said, from time to time I'm going to be sharing something TIMELESS from his collection. 
(front cover)
(back cover)
(front cover w/o insert)
(front of insert)
(back of insert)
2 Good 
+2 Be
4 Gotten
Continuing our tour of "Back In The Day" listen to Basketball Jones below
I need, I need someone to set a pick for me at the free-throw line of life
Someone I can pass to
Someone to hit the open man on the give-and-go
And not end up in the popcorn machine
So cheerleaders, help me out 

If you would like additional info about the album click HERE for a good read.


Canada Offers Detroit $550 Million

Today, the Canadian government offered Detroit $550 Million toward its portion of a new Detroit River Bridge. The project is called DRIC (Detroit River International Crossing), the new publicly owned bridge would compete with privately owned Ambassador Bridge. Baird (Canadian Minister of Transportation), in a statement to Governor Granholm stated; "Given the importance of this new crossing to the economic security and future prosperity of the United States and Canada, on behalf of the government of Canada, I am pleased to inform you that Canada is prepared to increase its financial participation in the DRIC (Detroit River International Crossing) project."
(click picture to read the article)
From The Detroit News: LINK


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Revive -- BBC x Ice Cream April 2010 Releases

"One of our very popular brands Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream has graced us with new t-shirts, New Era caps, and accessories for the month of April 2010. These t-shirts are very clean and ready to wear for the sunny seasons. The digi-camo print makes a return as the gradient pattern layers the popular Billionaire Boys Club logo. The “Rocket Helmet” logo now appears large on a tee and New Era cap. You can see this logo featured on various denim pieces. Ice Cream provides us with the “Roller Waitress” which goes perfect with the “Roller Waitress” hoodie. The other New Era cap featured is the summer script BBC logo. Another phone case to add to your collection is the digi-camo print style case. This will fit your Blackberry device as well as the iPhone. Be sure to stop by REVIVE to pick up your favorites. These will fly out the doors fast as always. Pictures are provided below." - ReviveMi
As always make sure to check for more pics & info. 


B.o.B - Bet I ft. T.I. & Playboy Tre [Official Music Video]

I give this the award for Best Graphics in a video.
The video will most likely be nominated for video of the year in some award show. 
Besides that B.o.B has a very bright future ahead of him. 


Black Squirrel

So I'm sitting at my laptop looking out my patio door & all of a sudden I see this BLACK squirrel remove an Almond Butter(its like peanut butter, but better) canister from my recycle bin & proceed to carry it up the tree like he bought it. 
It was funny as hell honestly, due to the fact he kept looking @ me like he knew he was doing something wrong. 
I have love for all my black folk/creatures trying to eat, so I let him have it. 

(yeah its pretty random, but I bet you it was for a reason)

Shitty Deal

Yesterday, our state Senator (Carl Levin, Dem, Mi), grilled the shit out of the Goldman Sachs executives on Capitol Hill. The executives are under investigation by the SEC, for potential fraud. Goldman Sachs, recorded profits of more than $4 billion while the economy tanked, by betting against (taking the short position) the mortgage and housing industry. Goldman Sachs' Shitty Deal....


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

America The Story of Us — Faces of America — Videos

America The Story of Us is an epic 12-hour television event that tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented. With highly realistic CGI animation, dramatic recreations and thoughtful insights from some of America's most respected artists, business leaders, academics and intellectuals, it is the first television event in nearly 40 years to present a comprehensive telling of America's history. Elaborate, ambitious and cinematic, America The Story of Us will take you into the moments when Americans harnessed technology to advance human progress, from the rigors of linking the continent by transcontinental railroad--the internet of its day--to triumphing over vertical space through the construction of steel structured buildings to putting a man on the moon. It is an intensive look at the people, places and things that have shaped our nation, and the tough and thrilling adventure that is America's 400-year history.

Diddy even say a couple of words

Tru Great Lakers -- That Shit

I swear every time I listen to these cats they get better. 
"We about to get it poppin like burnin a weed seed" - TGL 


Rai Knight -- Sweet Ana Mae

Sweet Anna Mae is a glimpse into the fantasy world of a young lady chasing her dreams. She aims
high, but sharing her talents with the world is much harder then it seems.

Anna Mae knows, to get what she wants means fighting through her fears and giving her all at every crucial moment. She knows, as far as talent is concerned, she's got what it takes, but it takes a whole lot more soul searching to keep her composure when the world starts to watch.

Anyone striving for a dream can relate to Sweet Anna Mae, it's safe to say that we all have fears to overcome. Your heart will know the way when the time is right!
 Sweet Anna Mae - Rai Knight by FrontStreet Records 


B.O.B ft. Bei Maejor & Bruno Mars - Nothin on You (Villains Remix)

This will prolly smash the radio in the near future. 


The elements of Sintex

If you take a fancy to graffiti artists, especially graffiti artists in Michigan, then the name Sintex might ring a bell. 
"Sintex is one of Detroit's finest artist representing the depth & array of graffiti." -Style Detroit 
I first saw this video over @ Style Detroit & I'm passing it on to you to pass it on to someone else. 


Summer Shoes

(The first all white shoe I've truly wanted in a long time.) 
Stay comfortable my friends. 

AssTon Kusher -- Behind the Feathers (interview)

The folks over @ Fli Pelican got a chance to catch up with AssTon Kusher & discuss how he came up with his name, the current project Ashbury AssTon: Thee Movie & of course that tree. 

Behind the Feathers: Asston Kusher from Brook Millz on Vimeo.

Make sure you DOWNLOAD Ashbury AssTon: Thee Movie HERE. 


Converse - Band of Ballers Street Ball Tournament

This is the second annual Band of Ballers Street Ball Tournament sponsored by Converse & it looks pretty entertaining to say the least.  I don't know if you're going to see a great deal of talent on the court, but you know the shit talking will be on point. 
Check out some of the "challenges" (shit talking) from a few of the competitors below. 
LMAO @ OJ showing what he's going to do & how he is going to get more "adrenalated". 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Revive -- New TI$A Stock Available 4-24-10

"TI$A brings us the very limited and very popular vintage snapbacks to REVIVE. The first time we stocked this here they sold out in 1 day! Taz Arnold is the man behind this and he provides a variety of teams in classic colorways which range from NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and College teams. We also have new t-shirts and crewneck sweatshirts available. The T$A logo is a flip from the BMW logo. Remember we are the only store retailer to provide you with these goods. We will be doing a special release for TI$A tomorrow (4-24-10). Early arrival is suggested as these will sell quickly. Check out the details on the flyer below as well as all the merchandise." - ReviveMi
I just picked out a few of my favorites.
As always make sure you check out for more info, pics, and other updates.


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