Wednesday, October 27, 2010

*UPDATED* Revive Custom Fitteds Fall 2010

@ReviveMichigan is helping us dress for the season. which is one rule in this fashion game that you should follow. 
Below the signature fitteds you see 8 11 fitteds all composed of melton wool which most likely will go with whatever piece of outerwear you're rocking in these cooler temps.
The hats are some of the most well thought out, well put together fitteds in the game. But you see this. 
The picture you see directly below this is their signature "Make Moves" fitted (not in melton wool) which is in metallic font, kinda has a Halloween feel to it, though that doesn't limit how often I plan on wearing this hat.
*Fitteds are limited to 30 of each style so let his be your warning. 
Revive does take phone orders for people who can't make it in to see the magic. (248)-731-7849
As always check for more pics & such. 


Video(s) & Download: Rob Roy

@iamrobroy aka Rob Roy is the truth. 
All that shit. 
Sounds like nothing you've heard. 
Production & lyrics. ssssshhhhheeeeeiiiiiiittttt. 
This Carmencita video has been floating around the internets & since it was released it has only received the highest of praise. 

But he also has this video Fur in my Cap video which was shot Ethan Director who also did the B.O.B x Bruno Mars nothing on you joint.

Rob Roy "Fur In My Cap"                Director: Ethan Lader from ethandirector on Vimeo.

Moral of this story is that you should check out the rest of his music from his album King Warrior Magician Lover because no 2 tracks sound the same and this shit has shelf life like a can of chef boyaredee.
P.S. he went ham on Velvet Rope Blue. (you'll know what I'm talking about when you check out his album). 
Download the album here.


Video: The Staff Meeting

@MykeisDope aka Myke Wright is mentally unstable at times. The only non-threating aspect of this is that most of these moments are lucky enough to be caught on camera. Now. Sometimes he does have victims as seen here so my suggestion is to all of the people in Michigan be careful.

Anyways watch this shit below.
And check out The Myke Wright Show here.

I bet after you watched that you really wanna check out the rest of The Myke Wright Show here.


Interactive Video - Keep Your Head Up: Andy Grammer

Interactive Video?
For the first time ever, VEVO partnered with Interlude and S-Curve Records to put YOU in the director’s chair. Get interactive with breaking artist Andy Grammer and do your best to spot guest star Rainn Wilson (star of NBC’s The Office). Choose from hundreds of potential scenes and outcomes to create the perfect video. Watch and share your favorite version with friends.
Below is my version.
Click here to make your own.  Yes your own personal version.  Its a 10 outta 10 time. Shits kinda genius. The only thing is that; I would mos def like to see a song I personally liked done like this tho. 


Friday, October 22, 2010

Picture Friday

Presenting the Hand Bra Pt. 1


Video: Dusty McFly - Buffies & Benihanas Mixtape Coming Soon...

Dusty McFly-Buffies & Benihanas Mixtape Coming Soon ... from G'Oni Jones on Vimeo.


shoot him a follow @DustyMcFly41


Video: Dux Jones (Official Video) Pourin It On NBA 2K11 Soundtrack

Front Street Records Family Dux Jones was blessed with the opportunity to be featured on the greatest basketball video game of all time NBA 2K1.
Now after we've all played the game about 100,000 times we have this video to go along with what we've been shit talking to for the last 4 weeks. 
The video was shot in parts of Detroit and it serves as the perfect backdrop to a song that needed no further assistance in giving you everything you need. 

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