Monday, January 12, 2009

One Step Closer

My Baltimore Ravens have made it 1 step closer to be coming SuperBowl champions once again. They have made it to the AFC Championship game against the Pitsburgh Steelers. This game could end up just like the game against the Titans, very low scoring. Just like the Titans game the Ravens should come out on top. The game was real slow and was 7-7 for the longest then the ravens turned up their defense.

“We always have got one philosophy in this defense,” linebacker Ray Lewis said. “If they don’t score, they don’t win. Bottom line, just like when we got to 7-7. Bottom line said if we don’t give up no more points, we will come out a winner in this game. You kind of saw the way it was going back and forth.
“They were putting some drives together, but we were keeping the ball in front of us. As long as we can do that as a defense, we are going to have success.”

*ray lewis quote takin from *

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