Monday, August 31, 2009

Tales from a Chip

me and her was talkin about jus hangng together and shit so I get to her house at like 4:30.
as soon as im in the house she start talkin about sex and shit and im jus like umm ok.
so im chillin at her house for a min then a bunch of ppl come so she pull me on the porch and keep talkin about sex...
she ask me to take her to mcdonalds so I do she eatin and as soon as she done eatin she like "how do you think it would be if we had sex?"
then she said she can make me cum in 10 minutes so im like shit lets go find out...

I take her as to dq and she get some ice cream and we go to my mom's house I start fuckin with her and suckin titties and fingerin her then her phone ring and its the nigga she fuckin with that's in iraq and she been on the phone since then....

*btw it was 10:30 in the PM when this was written!


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